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   Our company was established in November 1998. At the start, the main focus was on offering customer the design and manual painting work on personalized helmet. Afterwards, the job scope was extended to offering design and painting work for motorcycle, formula car and household goods etc. From the personalized design and painting to the independent design, production and selling of a series of motorcycle helmets, the ultimate target of this development is diversification.
   We are in possession of over 10 years’ experience on design and painting. The orders mainly come from regions like European countries, USA, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan etc. Examples are: the design and painting for helmets of the formula car racers in Great Britain and Australia; the participation of design and painting for helmets of the Team 555 in the World Rally Championship (WRC); invitation by the Ferrari Owners’ Club of China in 2009 to design and paint for its members the helmets specifically used in formula car racing; the production of motorcycle helmets used by McDonald’s for its 24 hour McDelivery service in HK from 2009 up to now; the design and painting for helmets used by McDonald’s for its advertising propaganda activities in HK, including the commemorative helmet shown in the Jan Lamb Yes I Do Standup Comedy in 2009 and the helmet for display use in exhibition of 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa; and the participation of design and painting for the formula racing car body and the helmets of the actors and actresses in the movie “Speed Angels” starring Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi, Rebecca Tang Wei, Rene Liu Ruo Ying, Jimmy Lin Chi Ying etc in 2012 etc.
   Our business philosophy is: Integrity, Quality and Innovation. We are well versed in utilizing the new technology and the new techniques to manufacture new products, with the aim to fully satisfy the customers’ high demand on quality and taste and to let them achieve 100% satisfaction level. Our top-quality products with careful as well as meticulous working attitude and professional competence are much appreciated and praised by the customers and in the industry.
    我們具備十多年的設計及噴繪經驗,訂單主要來自歐美、中國、香港、臺灣等地區,如英國、澳大利亞等方程式車手的賽車頭盔設計及噴繪,亦曾參與世界拉力賽 555車隊設計及噴繪頭盔,在2009年更獲法拉利中國車主會邀請為各會員設計、噴繪方程式比賽專用頭盔,同年至今負責製作香港麥當勞送餐的電單車頭盔, 同時負責設計及噴繪麥當勞廣告宣傳的頭盔,包括:林海峰2010年演唱會的紀念版頭盔,和2010年南非世界杯展覽用的頭盔,以及2012年張柏芝、湯唯、劉若英、林志穎等主演電影<極速天使>中的方程式賽車車體及各演員頭盔,均由我們公司參與設計及噴繪等等。
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kOne Oredersheet Please download the Helmet Template Sheet for your helmet design
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